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Is to enhance Baseball & Softball instruction by capturing key performance metrics while further engaging players with immediate and valuable feedback.

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The Baseline Assessment Report is an efficient and comprehensive way to assess the current performance level of players. It measure key metrics over a defined training program off both tee and batting practice sessions. The BAR helps to identify weakness and develop a “plan of attack” for future training sessions.

  • Baseline Assessment Report
  • The Baseline Assessment Report (BAR) is the Mandatory Assessment Report for all new players. This is to set a BASELINE for the new players initial measurements of the key metrics.
  • 15-minute sessions
  • 10 swings off a tee
  • 10 live pitches
  • Video simulation for extra charge
  • Ages 6-99

Learn More about BARVCAM.

Quality Hit Game

The HitTrax Quality Hit Game (Q‐Hit) is an exciting, competitive game that assess a player’s ability to make “quality” hits. Four metrics are used to calculate a score for each hit; exit velocity, launch angle, distance, and the calculated result. Simply put, the higher the score, the better the hit.

Learn more about Q-Hit

Rich’s Batting Cage & Hit Trax adds another level of technology for both instructional & entertainment. Enhanced instruction will allow you to experience a new level of training with reports and videos available immediately after a training session. The Entertainment and Gaming Module will bring you back into the facility for hitting leagues, point games, and tournaments.

On the training front, we offer key metrics for hitters (pitchers & catchers coming soon) to measure performance and automated reports to chart progress. Our catching module further innovates training as we measure pop-time, exchange/transition time, arm strength and accuracy while simulating the throw to second and calculating the likely result. Integrated video can be added to all of our modules for a higher level of analysis and visual feedback coupled with quantitative results.

The gaming and entertainment modules strengthen the player’s competitive nature and keeps them engrossed in the game off the field. In-house and online Leagues & Tournaments (think Xbox for the cage), HR Derbies and Point Games produce more reps for the player in a fun & competitive environment.